Here’s the biggest mistake we make: we believe that we’re thinking, cognitive beings who on occasion feel. We’re not. We’re emotional beings who on occasion think.
— Brené Brown

Taught by leaders in film, tv, theatre, music, publishing, online and gaming, I’m a graduate of Creative Business for Entrepreneurs and Executives (NFTS), YC STartup School 2018, BFI’s Guiding Lights and Rotterdam Producers’ Lab.

Hi, I’m catrin

I’m a development producer and adviser for the creative industries, and I help producers, executives and talent who need career or project clarity, direction and support. I achieve this by creating environments that are flexible, stimulating and collaborative, by nurturing confidence and encouraging radical self-inquiry.

With over fifteen years’ experience in film, across development and production, I hold compassion at the core of my work, and have been described as “sharp, intuitive and innovative” with a “wizardly match-making ability” and “oodles of genuine charm.”